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From the United States Naval Institute Press: Omnibus Spending Bill Gives Navy $21B for Shipbuilding, $16B for Aircraft; Additional Aviation Maintenance Spending

House and Senate appropriators reached an agreement to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year that includes a $593-billion defense spending package to allow the Navy and Marine Corps to continue with planned ship and aircraft procurement and readiness increases.

This bill represents a compromise between the House and the Senate appropriations committees’ Fiscal Year 2017 spending bills, plus some additional money from the Trump Administration’s March 2017 request for supplemental funding to address near- and mid-term readiness shortfalls – about $15 billion in supplemental spending, compared to the $30 billion the administration requested.

This spending bill would give the Navy a $21.2-billion shipbuilding account, well above the recent average, as well as an $16.1-billion aircraft procurement account.

With that money, the Navy would be able to buy 13 ships and craft: three Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers, three Littoral Combat Ships, two Virginia-class attack submarines, the Bougainville (LHA-8) amphibious assault ship, a 13th San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock (LPD-29), two ship-to-shore connectors and a moored training ship, according to summaries released by both the House and Senate committees and the bill’s explanatory document. This is three ships more than the Navy had originally requested, with the third destroyer, third LCS and LPD-29 funding being added in by lawmakers.

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