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Nuclear Deterrence

An effective nuclear deterrent to prevent attacks on the United States from countries armed with nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction is a national security imperative. Since the end of the cold war, traditional nuclear powers, new nuclear powers and the potential for non-state actors to acquire nuclear weapons makes a reliable, flexible and ready nuclear deterrent force more vital than ever.

The U.S. nuclear triad of land-based Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs), and heavy bombers is a deterrent force which for decades has provided a survivable and manifestly-capable deterrent.  The triad has shown, in its combination of basing modes, delivery systems, and warhead types, an overall capability which ensures that no enemy attack could prevent effective U.S. retaliation.

Whidbey Island, Wash. (July 20, 2005) – Sailors assigned to the Ohio Class fleet ballistic missile submarine USS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735) spell out the word “Fifty” as they return to Naval Base Kitsap in the Navy Northwest Region. Pennsylvania has just completed its 50th Patrol at sea and a significant moment in history for the submarine. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Chris Otsen (RELEASED)

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