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From Scout Warrior: Could a New X-Stern and Electric Drive Motor Make the Ohio Replacement Program Submarine the Stealthiest in the World?

The Navy hopes emerging “quieting” technologies will make its new nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines the stealthiest that ever existed.

The Navy’s new nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines will incorporate a stealthy “X”-shaped stern and noise-reducing electric drive technology as a way to try to engineer the quietest and least-detectable submarine in the history of the world, senior service officials said.

The emerging Ohio Replacement Program ballistic missile submarines, designed to patrol the undersea domain performing a crucial strategic deterrence missions, is slated to be operational by the 2030s and serve through the 2080s.

As a result, senior Navy developers are taking specific measures to integrate emerging and next-generation quieting technologies in the hopes that the secretive homeland-protecting weapons systems remain undetectable as global undersea technologies advance.

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