Submarine Industrial  Base Council Greenert’s Final Navigation Plan Prioritizes Nuclear Submarines

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert has released his final CNO Navigation Plan that listed maintaining the service’s current nuclear-armed submarine fleet and building a next generation nuclear submarine as the service’s top priority.

This years’ CNO Navigation plan will be the last one issued by Greenert who is slated to step down in September of this year. Greenert has served as CNO since 2011. 

The plan released Monday specifies a list of six Navy investment priorities including maintaining the Navy’s sea-based deterrence, sustaining forward presence, developing force capability, focusing on force readiness, enhancing asymmetric capabilities in all domains and sustaining the shipbuilding industrial base.

“The plan highlights key investments that supports national strategic missions. Each investment mission and function outlined in the plan underscores the CNO’s three tenets — warfighting first, operate forward and be ready,” said Navy spokesman Lt. Tim Hawkins.

The sea-based deterrence effort, emerging as the top priority, involves maintaining the current fleet of 14 Ohio-class nuclear armed submarines and finding funds to replace them with a new, quieter Ohio Replacement submarine slated to arrive by 2031.

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