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From USNI News: Submarine Industrial Base Ready to Grow – But Only If Pentagon, Congress Send the Right Signals

By: Megan Eckstein

Huntington Ingalls Industries is confident its businesses are well-positioned for whatever the future of the Navy is – whether it’s the implementation of the Pentagon’s Battle Force 2045 plan or something else implemented by new leadership, according to the chief executive.

HII president and CEO Mike Petters told investors on Thursday that “we are pleased to see our portfolio of ships in the (Battle Force 2045) plan and recognize that there is still much work to be done to bring any plan to fruition.”

“We remain confident that we can create additional capacity that may be necessary to support even the most robust shipbuilding plan,” he added.

Asked by investors what a potential change in administration means for the company’s outlook, Petters said that “national security tends to be pretty bipartisan, and the Pentagon tends to operate in a world where they’re looking external to the country, trying to figure out how to do security. This Pentagon has said we need a bigger Navy to be more secure, and they’re working through that process right now. If you have a change in the leadership, in the administration, the new folks are going to be looking at the same outside world that the folks that are there now are. And there might be changes on the edges – is it this many ships or that many ships, or anything like. What I take away from what has been said so far is that the future Navy needs to be bigger, it needs to be faster, cheaper, and probably a bit smaller in terms of sizes of ships. So a faster, cheaper, smaller set of platforms, with a lot more of them. We believe that’s going to persist.”

Specifically, he said, the undersea domain – both manned submarines and unmanned undersea vehicles – will be at the center of future fleet growth….

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