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From CBS News: Inside the U.S. Navy’s newest, fastest submarines

Russia announced plans last month to build a submarine larger than its Typhoon class, which is already the world’s biggest nuclear-powered submarine.

The United States is also deploying a new generation of submarines, the Virginia class. 

The U.S. Navy commissioned the world’s first nuclear submarine in the 1950s, the USS Nautilus. It was actually the first nuclear-powered anything. Parts of it are even still classified. Now it’s open to visitors to explore and is moored next to the U.S. Navy base.

Just off the coast from here is where a Russian spy ship was spotted back in February. What were they looking for? Most likely the most efficient submarine squadron in the world and only on “CBS This Morning,” CBS News correspondent Don Dahler gets a tour.

Despite the dolphins in their promotional video, the Navy’s newest, fastest and quietest submarine is anything but playful.

The Virginia-class submarines can launch tomahawk cruise missiles, deploy a team of Navy SEALs from beneath the surface, and is among America’s most lethal defense systems at sea.

Read the full story here.  See the full video clip shown earlier on the CBS “This Morning” or here on Youtube.

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