Submarine Industrial  Base Council

Invite Your Member of Congress to Tour Your Production Facilities

SIBC members are strongly encouraged to invite their members of Congress and their respective staffs for a facility site visit.  This is a vital part of SIBC outreach efforts, allowing us and you to show elected officials and the public why stable submarine funding is important to not only the nation, but to your company and community.  It is vital embers of Congress see the submarine supplier production facilities, understand the importance of submarine programs to their district or state and meet their skilled constituents who proudly support submarine production. 

Pending retirements, redistricting and an unpredictable electorate, the 2020 election resulted in a need for additional education and outreach to our Congressional allies and potential new champions.  The COVID-19 pandemic has also limited our ability to demonstrate the full  value of the base to many representatives. 

Site visits allow Members of Congress to see firsthand how submarine funding supports stable good paying jobs, the local economy, and prevents the loss of critical skills to your region.  You can utilize the Legislative Action Center to reach out to representatives and invite them to tour your local facility and hear from employees.

Please also Invite your Member of Congress to join the Congressional Submarine Caucus if he or she hasn’t already done so. 

Please feel free to contact the SIBC for assistance in arranging and hosting a Congressional Visit.