Submarine Industrial  Base Council

Legislative Priorities

The submarine industrial base comprises more than 5,000 companies in all 50 states and employs tens of thousands of highly skilled American workers.

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Our legislative priorities include support for three submarine program issues:

Request an additional $85 million ($1.852 billion total) for Advance Procurement in FY17 and support funding for $3.188 billion for two Virginia-class submarines in FY17

We must keep building 2 VCS per year to retain cost efficiencies, sustain U.S. undersea dominance and minimize the projected shortfall of attack submarines.

Additional AP funding is required to prevent negative impacts on Block V FY19 ships. Higher AP funding will increase the shipyard’s ability to place orders for long lead material and reduce risk to the industrial base by increasing the ability to manage workload and retain skilled workers

Request $1.864 billion in DOD funding and $214 million in DOE funding in FY17 for OHIO Replacement (OR) development

Construction must start in 2021. Ohio-class SSBNs’ service lives have been extended from 30 to an unprecedented 42 years. There is no margin to further extend the service life of current SSBNs or delay construction of OR.

– Request $205 million in FY17 to continue to develop the Virginia Payload Module (VPM)

Continued VPM funding in FY17 is needed to support construction start in 2019 and sustain the undersea strike capacity that will be critical to success of joint forces.

VPMs added to future Virginia-class SSNs is a cost-effective and innovative solution.